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Special workshop for garland makers in Katharagama Area

A special workshop was conducted by the Solid Waste Management Division of the CEA recently for the garland makers to give a broader knowledge to produce Eco – friendly garlands in the Katharagama area. It has been increased the plastic waste generation annually due to immense use of plastic garlands in the sacred area. As a solution for this matter the CEA organized this workshop with the assistance of the National Craft Council (NCC) to give the  fingertip practice for the villages.

The National Craft Council assisted villages to produce garlands with oil papers, clothes and other Eco-friendly materials ect. The CEA planned to convert those plastic garlands into Eco-friendly garlands in the recent future.

Under the coordination of  Mr. Ananda Jayasinghe Assistant Director/ Training, NCC, five teacher trainers from NCC conducted this workshop. With the financial support of the Pradeshiya Sabhaha, Katharagama and the participation of Chairman, Katharagama Pradeshiya Sabaha the program was arranged.


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Friday, 05 March 2021 12:42 ஆம் திகதியில் இறுதியாக இற்றைப்படுத்தப்பட்டவாறு








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