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Release of Photographs and Lyrics of the Competitions Organized by the Central Environment Authority and the Prize Giving

Release of the photographs and lyrics of the competitions held and the prize giving organized by the Central Environment Authority using the on-line method, was held on 25th September, 2020, at 9.00 a.m., under the distinguished guest Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Environment, at the Western Province Aesthetic Center, Colombo 7. This competition was organized by the Central Environment Authority under the theme “Precious bio-diversity of Sri Lanka”, on the World Environment Day, which was on 05th June 2020.

The provision was given to each competitor to submit a maximum of 10 photographs and, 138 competitors had submitted 1,034 photographs. The provision was given to submit lyrics for the lyrics competition in Sinhala and Tamil medium and, only one lyric by each competitor was requested to submit for the competition. Accordingly, 229 competitors had submitted 229 lyrics in Sinhala medium and 30 had submitted 30 lyrics in Tamil medium.  

First, second and third Sinhala lyrics have been sung by Ms. Nelu  Adhikari, Mr. Saman Lenin and Ms. Shasika Nisansala respectively, and music for all the three songs have been composed by eminent musician Dr. Rohana Weerasinghe. At the ceremony, all the three winning songs sung live by the above three singers. An exhibition of winning photographs and a collection of some selected photographs submitted to the competition also due to be kept open for the public, from 12.00 noon to 4.00 p.m. Launching of Sobaketha” magazine, Environment Photography book and Environment Song CD was done in parallel to the event. In the ceremony a guest lecture on “The importance of protecting the Biodiversity of Sri Lanka” was done by Dr. Dr. SewwandiJayakodi, Senior Lecture,Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.

 Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Environment was the chief guest of this festival and among the distinguished guests, Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Mr. S. Amarasinghe, Chairman, Central Environment Authority, Mr. P. B. Hemantha Jayasinghe, Director General, Central Environmental Authority, Chairpersons of other relevant institutions and relevant officials from the Ministry of Environment & the CEA participated in this occasion.

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