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“Surakimu Ganga” Provincial Level Programs

In line with the “Surakimu Ganga” National program, the provincial level programs were conducted under the patronage of Honorable Governors in each province. Under this program, it has been planned to conserve a main river, namely Kelani River in Western Province, Mahaweli River in Central Province, Walawe River in Southern Province, Kalu River in Sabaragamua Province, Deduru Oya in North Western Province, Malwathu Oya in North Central Province, Gal Oya in Eastern Province, Kanagarayan Aru in Northern Province.  
The main objective of this program is to provide clean drinking water for the people while conserving the environment and bio resources. To achieve this objective, the Central Environmental Authority collaborates with  other  relevant agencies to launch this “Surakimu Ganga” program.
Accordingly, demarcation of the boundaries of the river reservations, tree planting in the catchment areas, restoring plastic garlands with natural and paper garlands, conservation of river banks, restoration of river parks and removal of garbage dumps at the river reservations  were the main activities done parallel to this launching program.

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