Investigation Unit

Investigation Unit was established in March 2018 and which is functions under the Director General. The unit was entrusted with the implementation of regulations pertaining to banned polythene and special investigations on crucial environmental issues conducted with the direction of the Chairman and Director General.

Main Function of the Investigation Unit

1.    Enforcement of Gazette Notifications No. 2034/33, 2034/34, 2034/35, 2034/36, 2034/37 and 2034/38 dated 01.09.2017 and Gazette Notifications No. 2221/50, 2221/51 dated 21.01/2021 to control the environmental and social impact of the use of polythene and plastics.

a.    Conducting raids on prohibited items by Gazette Notification No. 2034/34 dated 01.09.2017 and 2221/51 dated 21.01/2021.

b.    Coordinating the Provincial and District Offices of the Central Environmental Authority to prepare plans for the implementation of polythene raids covering the entire island, allocating funds, obtaining raid progress, maintaining a datasheet.

c.    As the Central Environmental Authority cannot seize stocks of goods under the existing legal provisions, raids on wholesale shops / manufacturing industries should be carried out in collaboration with the Consumer Affairs Authority.

d.    Arresting stocks of illegal polythene products in accordance with the legal provisions under the Consumer Affairs Authority Act and destroying them in the Dempe Garbage Yard with the permission of the Hon. Court.

e.    Investigation of Complaints Received for Enforcement of Gazette Notification No. 2034/36 under the National Environmental Act prohibiting the burning of plastic waste or other flammable materials outdoors.

2.    Investigation and operation of technical issues arising from the management of the Central Environmental Authority.

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