Air Resource Management and Monitoring Unit


The Central Environmental Authority is accountable for protection and management of the environment while maintaining its quality for the benefit of the country. The ambient air quality management, noise and vibration pollution control, and air emission sources control play a major role on achieving the objectives and goals set out for attaining the protected and quality maintained environment of the country, and the Air Resource Management and Monitoring Unit (ARM&M) titles for a key player, in this context.  

The ARM&M recognizes for guiding protection and management of the environment of Sri Lanka that comes under the prime environment legislation of the country; the National Environment Act No 47 of 1980, as amended in 1988 and 2000 thus being responsible to manage the ambient air quality by monitoring, implementing the National Environmental (Ambient Air Quality) Regulations and effective management plans. The ARM&M abides protection the quality of the environment by regulating stationary emission sources, industrial and construction noise and vibration pollution.

Ambient Air quality is managed in line with the National Environmental (Ambient Air Quality) Regulations published under gazette No: 1562/22 on 15.08.2008; the successor to the first regulations published in 1994 and emission sources are controlled by the National Environmental (Stationary Sources Emissions Control) Regulations published on 05.06.2019 by the gazette No: 2126/36. Noise pollution caused due to operating prescribed industries and construction sites is controlled by National Environmental (Noise Control) Regulations sanctioned on 06.05.1996 under the gazette No: 924/12.

Responding the development sustainability of the country, Guidelines for Rail Noise Assessment Criteria for Rapid Rail Transits Systems, Guidelines for Traffic Noise Assessment Criteria for Expressways, and Standards for Vibration Pollution Control were blossomed.
All such regulations, guidelines and standards are adopted in the main legal tool introduced by the NEA for environment management; which is at ease with environment impact assessment procedure.  

The ARM&M Unit guides to control exhaust emissions caused by mobile sources using the National Environmental (Air Emissions, fuel and vehicle importation) Regulations of 2003, which was amended in 2008 and 2014 and, it was further amended in 2018 compatible with EURO IV International Standards.


Technical Services

1.    Environmental Quality Monitoring – Ambient air quality monitoring
2.    Emissions monitoring

  •       Monitoring stack emissions
  •       Monitoring fugitive emissions

3.    Noise and Vibrations monitoring
4.    Provide technical assistance for handling EPL procedure
5.    Incident based air quality monitoring
6.    Provide assistance for the programme on registering consultants and laboratories in CEA

Regulatory Functions

1.    Preparation of regulations, guidelines and procedures related to ambient air quality, stationary emission sources, noise, vibrations, etc
2.    Amending such regulations
3.    Administration of regulations

Providing technological guidance & assistance for handling complaints and checking industrial compliance

1.    Regulatory and compliance checking of industries
2.    Assist prosecution procedures of the CEA
3.    Technical assistance for other regulatory functions of the CEA–Evaluating technical proposals for air, noise, vibration control and management, functions in Technical Evaluation Committees, etc.

Collaborative work with Ministry of Environment and Wildlife Resources, and other institutes

1.    Air Resource Management Centre (AirMAC) – Ministry of Environment and Wild Life Resources
2.    Vehicular Emission Testing Programme of Department of Motor Traffic (VETP-DMT)

Developing project proposals and implementing projects


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