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The CEA raids Illegal Lunch Sheet Manufacturing Factory in Peliyagoda

The CEA conducted a raid on banned lunch sheet manufacturing industry which is located in Peliyagoda in Peliyagoda Police area, jointly with the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA)  and Police special Unit of the CEA on 11th October 2018 Thursday.
 When the raid was conducted the  manufactured lunch sheets were found within the factory itself. The raw materials were high density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene and calcium. Two extruder machines (15Hp each), a cutting machine (5Hp) and a mixture were being used for the production process. The production stock was arrested by the CAA which is worth of nearly four hundred thousand rupees. The lunch sheets manufactured are to be sold to fish markets in Colombo and Gampaha.

It has been revealed that this illegal industry possess only the Business Registration and other approvals including the Environmental Protection License, and Trade License were not obtained. This industry has violated the National Environmental Act since there is no valid EPL and manufactures HDPE lunch sheets in contrary with Regulation No. 2034/34 of 2017 09.01. The CEA pursue legal action against the accused  for these two charges in the Wattala Courts.

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