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Workshop for the media personnel

Under the direction of Mr. Chandrarathne Pallegama, Chairman CEA a workshop has been arranged by the EE & A Division of the CEA on 21st August 2018 at Biyagama for the media personnel to make them aware about the role of the CEA and the sanitary Landfill site at Dompe, which is globally accepted method for the final disposal of waste.
The media personnel visited the sanitary Landfill site at Dompe and observed the process of final disposal of residual waste which cannot be recycled. The brief presentation of this process and the technology behind the landfill method was carried by Mrs. Sarojini Jayasekara, Director Waste Management.

In order to give broader knowledge and clear idea about the role, functions and the regulations of the CEA several presentations were made by resources persons. Eminent Environmental Lawyer Jagath Gunawardhane briefly explained about the legal framework of the National Environmental Act (NEA) and the other environmental related regulations parallely in the country. He clearly explained the CEA’s role as a regulatory entity according to the National Environmental Act.

The environmental pollution control is another main function implemented by the CEA. The presentation in this aspect was made by Dr. Sanjaya Rathnayake, Director, EPC Unit, which covered air quality, waste quality standard etc.
Ms. Kanthi De Silva, Deputy Director General (DDG), Environmental Management and Assessment delivered a presentation on sustainable development and environment management. She briefly expressed about the Environmental Impact Assessment process and how CEA transparently carried out EIA for the projects with the public participation. And also, she stated that EIA is not a process to stop developing projects in the country, it is a process to adjust project into Eco –friendly Manner.

Mr. Chandrarathne Pallegama, Chairman CEA address the gathering and said as a regulatory entity CEA follows rules and regulations according to the NEA. He also gave his pleasure for the journalist for participating in this event. Further, he stated that under the direction of the H/E the president new programs will be introduced to achieve the sustainable development goals.
Hemantha Jayasinghe, Director General CEA, Mr. J M U Indrarathne, DDG, Waste Management, Mr. Gamini Jayasinghe, DDG, EE & A, Mrs, Shayamani Periyapperuma, Director, Environment Promotion Unit and other senior officers also participated in the occasion.IMG 9568IMG 9586IMG 9610IMG 9842IMG 9883


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