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New Office for CEA Northern Province Office

By spending of 56 million rupees CEA established a new Northern Provincial Office building in Kilinochchi. The opening ceremony was held on 6th May 2018 in the chair of Mr. Chandrarathne Pallegama, Chairman, CEA.
This will be a very convenient for the Northern Province for their regulation and implementation work on Environmental Protection Licensing (EPL), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Education and Awareness and Waste Management.

Assistant Directors of Planning from District Secretariat Kilinochchi and Divisional Secretariat, Karchchi, Officers of the Civil Security Department, 70 Preschool teachers, officers from Kilinochchi Police Station participated in the event. Guests were invited by the “Inniyam” group (Players on Musical instruments) of the school students, Vivekananda Vidyalaym and with the salutation of the Environmental Pioneers of the school, Sivapatha Kalayayam.
The Environmental Pioneers from Vivekananda Vidyalayam recited National Ant+hem and Environmental Song at the opening ceremony and Parallel to the opening ceremony Mr. Pallegama opened the plaque and planted a tree sapling to mark the event. The opening ceremony was organized by the Mr. T Suboharan, Officer In Charge, Northern Province with the support of the Northern Provincial Office staffs.

The new address of the Kilinochchi Office is Ariviyalnagar, Kilinochchi.

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