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Workshop for CEA Officers on New Polythene Regulation

In order to minimize the environmental and health issues created by the waste polythene, taking National level Policy decision on controlling the use of polythene and polythene related products has been a long felt national requirement.
Considering the needfulness of minimizing polythene and related products the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has made a decision and obtained Cabinet approval to ban several types of poly ethylene products and some poly styrene products such as lunch sheet made out of Polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE) and Poly propylene, shopping bags and grocery bags made out of High Density Polythylene (HDPE) and Polystyrene lunch boxes  with effect from 1st of September 2017.
In order to aware Sri Lanka Police about the new regulations on polythene banning and strengthening the banning process, the Waste Management unit of the CEA organized a workshop for the technical officers of CEA. The workshop was held on 29th November 2017 at the CEA Head Office with the participation of 600 officers.
To provide a broad idea about the new regulations on polythene banning is the main objective of conducting this workshop.
For the inauguration session Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri, Chairman, Mr. Hemantha Jayasinghe, Director General, Mr. J M U Indrarathne, Deputy Director General, Waste Management and Mr. Ajith Weerasundara, Director, Waste Management were participated.







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