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Banned Polythene raiding campaign started

Manufacturing, trading and usage of any kind of polythene, polypropylene or any polythene related product having the thickness of 20 microns or less has been banned by the regulation published in the Gazette Extra Ordinary No. 2034/33,34,35,36 dated 1st of September 2017. Similarly, after the 3 month grace period the raiding process has started now.
After enforcing the regulation the Waste Management Unit of the CEA conducted a raiding program on 3rd January 2018 to inspect the current situation. Peoples’ Park, Dam Street, Pettah and Dematagoda were the main observed areas. During the inspection it has been identified most of the sellers using biodegradable polythene where few of them are still using banned polythene products. At the raiding, banned polythene item manufacturing industry located in Dematagoda area has been identified and legal action was taken against the factory owner.    
Parallel to this program in several other areas; Gampaha, Ganemulla and Yakkala carried out raiding campaigns and it has been revealed that most of the sellers in those areas are using biodegradable materials.
Mr. J M U Indrarathne, DDG Waste Mangement, Mr. H S Premachandra, Director, Western Province, Mr. Ajith Weerasundara, Director, Waste Management Unit, two officers form Environmental Police unit and other relevant officers were participated in the event.

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