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“Pilisaru” Project Signed MoU with the Local Authorities

With the aim of facilitating solid waste management for Local Authorities, “Pilisaru” National Solid Waste Management Program signed agreement with following Local Authorities.
Concerning the needfulness of the waste management in Sri Lanka, the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has planned to establish new composting sites in Walapane Pradeshiya Sabaha and also planned to implement several other composting yards in Pelmadulla, Madirigiriya, Beruwala Pradeshiya Sabaha. The total cost for the each project is Rs. 14,948,080.06, Rs. 6,702,000.00, Rs. 2,669,453.54 and Rs. 2,700,000.00 respectively.
Rs. 4,394,000.00 worth Skid Street Loader type Bob cat machine also donated for the Walapane Pradeshiya sabaha.
The program was held on 27th November 2017 at the CEA with the participation of Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri, Chairman, CEA, Mr. J M U Indrarathne, Deputy Director General, Waste Mamagement, Mr. Bandula Sarath Kumara, Deputy Project Director, members of “Pilisaru” Project and members of Local Authorities.


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