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Commemorating World Environment Day 2019 - “Beat Air Pollution”

As a part of its continuous endeavor towards shaping a sustainable future, Central Environmental Authority - Uva Provincial Office in collaboration with the  Department of Motor Traffic, had organized a Vehicle Emission Testing Program and a Public Awareness Campaign on 12th June 2019 to mark this year’s World Environment Day. The campaign was carried out across Badulla and Hali-Ela areas with contribution of Mobile Inspection Unit of Department of Motor Traffic and Police Stations of Badulla and Hali-Ela.
Total 99 vehicles were tested covering both petrol and diesel categories. Among 47 petrol vehicles 44 vehicles and from 53 diesel vehicles only 09 vehicles met the required emission standards. Those eco friendly vehicles were marked by pasting a specially designed sticker as an appreciation. Owners of the vehicles which were having a destructive level emission were advised to repair their vehicles and take necessary precautions within 20 days in order to comply with given standards. Additionaly they were aware about the need of having good operating conditions and regular maintenance, to achieve these standards.
As the next step of this attempt, another two Vehicle Emission Testing Programs will be conducted by the Uva Provincial Office with collaboration of Department of Motor Traffic and Police Officers, at Bandarawela and Welimada areas on 13rd and 14th respectively.
However from the all tested vehicles, number of petrol vehicles which met required emission standards was comparatively higher than number of diesel vehicles. Therefore we need to pay special attention on how to control destructive emission from diesel vehicles as that would become an vital step towards beating air pollution.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019 06:01 අවසන් වර ට යාවත්කාල කළ දිනය








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