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Awareness Program on Implementation of Regulations on Prohibition of Polythene and Future Trends

With the objective of awareness in this regards to implementation of regulations on prohibition of polythene, the Solid Waste Management Unit of the CEA organized a program on 7th March 2019 at the CEA Auditorium for their field officers who are working on banned polythene raidings. To strengthen the implementation of polythene regulation in the country is also another scope of conducting this program. The program was initiated under the guidance of Mr. Hemantha Jayasinghe, Director General, CEA.

Mr. N S Gamage, Director, Investrigations made a brief presentation to emphasize why CEA made a decision to ban certain type of polythene and also he gave a broader knowledge on the impacts of polythene / plastic.

Prof. Jagath Premachandra, Senior Lecture, University of Moratuwa briefly explained the methods of identification of banned polythene materials and products. Further, he expressed the technology of identification of polythene.

Presentation on plastic processing and machinery was done by Eng. Gamini Alwis, Head of Factory (PVC), Richard Pieris & Company. Dr. Ajith Gunawardhane, Deputy Director, R & D unit CEA introduced an application to carry out a survey in this regard to lunch sheet usage. Furthermore, Ms. Sarojine Jayasekare, Director, Solid Waste Management Ms. Ruchira Siriwardhane, Assistant Director, Investigation, and Lawyer. Harshi Palliyaguru Assistant Director, Legal Unit made the presentations on future plans on proper management of polythene, procedures to be followed for detection of non- complying polythene and develop a case and regulations published under NEA on polythene respectively.

With the participation of Eng. J M U Indrarathne, Deputy Director General, Waste Management the program was conducted and officers from Solid Waste Management Unit & the Investigation Unit gave their fullest cooperation to the success of the program.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 09:34 අවසන් වර ට යාවත්කාල කළ දිනය








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