Dengue Prevention Program-2018

Considering the risk of the rising trend in dengue fever amidst the rainy weather in the country, the Central Environmental Authority has organized their Dengue Prevention program on the 18th December 2018 conjugate with other government and private institution in the Denzil Kobbekaduwa road. The supervisory program has been continued monthly and this time CEA has organized this program.
90 officers representing the Central Environmental Authority, Road Development Authority, Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, Coconut Cultivation Board, MOH of Kaduwela, Municipal Council of Kaduwela, Police Station, Thalangama, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Register General Department, Provincial Income tax Department, Hawai restaurant and Sirilak Super Pvt Limited were given their fullest cooperation for success in this event.
Mr. Gamini Jayasinghe, Deputy Director General, EE & A Division, was participated in the moment and addressed the gathering and said that the rising of Dengue patient in the Colombo District is increasing gradually due the rainy season. So that we have to beware about our environment and this program will be helpful for our daily lifestyle.
Inspect the premises of Government, non government & houses in the streets, aware people about the breeding patterns and breeding places of mosquito and warn people who support to spread dengue epidemic in the area before filing a lawsuit.

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