The CEA conducted a raid on ploythene lunch sheet manufacturing industry in Attanagalla

Based on information received to the CEA, the Investigation Unit jointly with the Police Special Unit and Consumer Affairs Authority conducted a raid on a polythene lunch sheet manufacturing industry in Attanagalla 1st   April, 2021  early morning in Attanagalla police area.
During the raid the company was engaged in manufacturing polythene lunch sheets using Low density polythene and calcium carbonate. The industry was being operated with two extruder machine (15 HP) two cutting machine (2HP), one mixer and the manufactured polyethylene lunch sheets was supposed to be delivered to Colombo wholesale market to distribute through buyers from island wide.
The company does not possess any kind of a license. This kind of a factory shall obtain an Environmental Protection License from the Central  Environmental Authority and a trade license from Pradeshiya Sabha.
The produced stock of lunch sheets, one Ton, which is worth of Two Million rupees were seized by the CAA and will be produced to Attanagalla Magistrate’s Courts.

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