The CEA raided a polythene lunch sheet store in Colombo

In response to an information received to the CEA, a joint raid on a polythene lunch sheet store in Colombo 12 was conducted jointly with the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) and the Police Special Unit on 18th June 2019 Tuesday. When the raid was conducted the lunch sheets were being dispatched to buyers from the store which is located  amongst  congested residential and commercial establishments without any name board. The store is owned by a polythene and plastic item seller who operate a shop in Saunder’s Street, Colombbo 12. The store consisted of nearly one ton of polythene lunch sheets which worth of Rs. Five hundred thousand and the same was ceased by the CAA and transported to Dompe Sanitary Landfill Site for disposal with court’s permission. The ceased stock along with the accused will be produced to Maligakanda Magistrate’s Courts on 20th June 2019 by the CAA. The CEA also will pursue legal action under the provisions of the National Environmental

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