Chemical Accidents Prevention and Preparedness Programme Project for Sri Lanka (CAPP-SL)


Industry is an important driving force for economic growth, providing valuable economic and social benefits to Sri Lanka, and playing an important role in achieving sustainable development goals. However, many industrial operations involve hazardous chemicals with a potential for accidents – spills, fires, explosions – that can cause serious harm to people, the environment, and local or even the national economy.

The Project, ‘Chemical Accident Prevention and Preparedness Programme for Sri Lanka’ (CAPP-SL) is being implemented by the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) with the financial support from Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the executing agency and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center ((ADPC) based in Bangkok, Thailand) provides technical assistance. 


Sri Lanka’s chemicals industry is rapidly expanding due to various Government initiatives to improve the economic development of Sri Lanka. This Project aims to create a strategy to implement a CAPP Programme,which will help to prevent chemical accidents and limit any impacts of accidents that do occur, thereby avoiding or minimizing harm to people, and damage to the environment and property.


  • To increase understanding of issues related to chemical accident prevention and preparedness (CAPP)

  • To improve the capacity of relevant institutions, agencies, and experts within Sri Lanka to address the risks of chemical accidents

  • To identify the nature and location of  chemical accident hazards and risks

  • To understand whether there are sufficient protective measures in place to reduce the likelihoodof a chemical spill, fire, or explosion, and to minimise the adverse impacts of any accidents that do occur

  • To develop and implement an appropriate CAPP Programme for Sri Lanka, designed to meet its needs and capabilities.


Project Activities

The current activities of the Project have been timely carried out.  The National Inception Workshop was held on 16th – 17th January 2013 at Waters Edge, Battaramulla, with a wider representation of all key stakeholders in chemical accident prevention and preparedness in the country.It was agreed during the Workshop that a CAPP Task Force will be established and they will be responsible for leading the Project including the preparation of the Country Situation Report and the Road Map. The CEA has selectively chosen the members of the Task Force to implement the next steps of the Project. The Task Force consists of relevant Government Authorities, non-government organisations, and academic expertise from Moratuwa University.
Upcoming Project Activities:

  • First Training Session  for Task Force

  • Development of Country Situation Report

  • Development of Needs Assessment and Road Map for CAPP Programme

  • Second Training Session for key multi-stakeholders

  • CAPP Launching Workshop

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