EIA Guidelines

Several guidelines have been prepared by the CEA to assist project proponents and Project Approving Agencies in proper implementation of the EIA process. Following publications are available at the CEA;

  • Guidance for Implementing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process No. 1 A General Guide for Project Approving Agencies (PAA), 2006 - Rs. 100.00

  • Guidance for Implementing the EIA Process No. 2 - A General Guide for Conducting Environmental Scoping - 2003 - Rs. 100.00

  • Environmental Guideline for Road and Rail Development in Sri Lanka, 1997 - Rs. 300.00

  • Environmental Guideline for Agricultural Sector Projects - 1997 - Rs. 300.00

  • Simple Questions and Answers on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) - 2005 - Rs. 30.00

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