Procedure on granting concurrence for the EPL of BOI approved prescribed industries

Procedure on granting concurrence for the EPL of BOI approved prescribed industries

Under section17(2) of Greater Colombo Economic Commission Law No. 4 of 1978 as amended by the Amendment Acts ( No. 43 of 1980, No. 21 of 1983, No. 49 of 1992, No. 9 of 2002, No 36 of 2009 and No 3 of 2012) the CEA and the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka entered to an agreement in 1996.

Under this agreement CEA liaise with BOI to control industrial pollution from BOI approved projects.

Procedure for issuing EPL for BOI registered industries

Environmental Protection Licences for prescribed activities (BOI registered) in Gazette Notification No: 1533/16 dated 25.01.2008 is issued in consultation with and the concurrence of the CEA obtained by the BOI.

EPL application is published in the Form A of the schedule II of the Gazette Notification No. 1534/18 dated01/02/2008.

Dulyfilled application with following supporting documents shall be submitted for each prescribed activity to the Environment Management Division of BOI.

1.    Copy of the Business Registration(If the activity is registered)

2.    Legal authorization to use the land for the particular industrial activity. (Copy of deed, copy of the Lease agreement of the land etc.)

3.    Copy of Survey Plan of the land.

4.    Legal approvals for establishing the particular industry at the site. (Certificate of Conformity/Trade License or Consent paper from relevant LA)

5.    Production Certificate necessary for specific products. (Distilleries, medicinal products, pesticide manufacturing etc.)

6.    Proposal for pollutant abatement.

7.    Road map showing the main landmarks from the nearest town

8.    Any other detail/document requested by the Authority


Procedure on Renewing of Environmental Protection Licence for BOI industrial activities in List "A”, List "B" and List "C"

EPL Renewal application is published in Gazette notification No.1534/18 of 01/02/2008. Duly filled application shall be submitted for each BOI registered prescribed activity to Environmental Management Division of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka.

1.    Before three months prior to the date of expiry of the EPL.

2.    Before one month effecting any changes alterations or extensions to the activity.



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