Message of the Hon. Minister of Environment

Mr. Naseer Ahamed


Environmental, economic and social problems arising out of global warming along with its attendant issues of climate and weather changes are a serious challenge faced by global community. Sri Lanka is no exception where we experience extreme weather and climate changes whilst having to grapple with numerous socio-economic challenges and consequences emanating from such adverse weather changes.

This growing imbalance between the nature and the way we interact with it poses unprecedented challenges compelling us to treat environment as one of the top most priorities in our short, medium and long term plans. In line with that, the Ministry of Environment is fully committed to the government’s promise to make a sustainable future by achieving the national goals, targets and parameters.

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) is the regulatory arm of the Ministry and it is mandated to carry out environmental protection practices and programmes on major environmental challenges such as; a science-based approach to achieve carbon neutrality, transition to the green economy, building climate change resilience through water management and ecosystem, improving air quality for blue sky, and creating a circular economy involving recycling etc.

In this context, the Ministry of Environment will continue to establish environmental policies based on science, technology and innovation and will actively respond to the international environmental orders while effectively improving the institutional framework accordingly.  

I will take the lead in supporting and encouraging the CEA to work for the people and for the environment. I will also provide all necessary assistance to make the CEA deserve applause from the people.

Naseer Ahamed (Eng.) MP
Minister of Environment

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